Sonntag, 10. April 2016

The China Post


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Power transition bill passes first reading

Sole mates welcome

Allergan, Pfizer call off proposes US$160 bil. merger

Stock rescue fund to be suspended Apr. 12, announces Finance Ministry

Massive data leak sparks worldwide backlash against tax dodger, offshore accounts


Dramatic increase in executions in 2015: Amnesty

A touch of Pope

Cruz wins in Wisconsins, leaves Trump damaged

Adults diabetes has quadrupled since 1980: WHO

Former French FN leader Le Pen fined for gas chambers comment

Myanmar's Suu Kyi gets new role as 'counsellor'

HK film 'Ten Years' mistaken for rom-com

Quatar roayal freed by Iraq kidnappers after 4 month ordeal

Poverty in Russia rising at fastest pace since 1990s turmoil

Santander bank plans to slash up to 1,200 jobs in Spain


Libya unity gov't cements control after rival gives in

Sign of times

Marching for Ali Abdhulghani

Court dismisses case against Kenyan deputy president

At least 5 killed, buildings torched in Rep. of the Congo capital unrest

Honduras suspends police tied to proscecutor deaths

Pollutions woes to keep 40% of cars of Mexico City's roads
  • Feinstaubbelastung und Verbrennungsoxide in allen Städten mit ihren Verbrennungsmotoren, Betonschluchten und -fassaden lassen grüssen, die Politik empfiehlt dem Bürger seine eigenen industrialisierten Furzprodukte, die sich wie eine bleierne Schicht in Atemhöhe ablagert, tief zu inhalieren ... die Lungenerkrankungen kommen langsam aber stetig, ganz zu schweigen von allen anderen Krankheitssymptomen ...
Black Americans under-treated for pain because of 'false belief'

Violence 'driving' C. America asylum claim surge'

Industry 'threatening' natural heritage sites'



Editorial - Public shaming does not drive social progress

Pakistan failing to face upmto extremismen

Battle between the religious and gay rights splitting Republicans

US remittance a lifeline for families staying at Mexico



Transaction in real estate improve, but at 10-20% lower offers

New models on display

Technological improvements

National holds stewardship code to push governance

KTM calls on to explain brother's offshore company exposed in data leak

HTC Vive launched with partnerships stretching across the world, industries

Shares drops to 1-month low as investors sell


Taiwan's  forex reserves continue to hit new high for second month in row

American dollar closes higher on the forex at NT$32.442, opened at low

Cathay Pacific flight lands safely after issue with plane's hydraulic system

Tigerair Taiwan to offer promotional flight tickets to Tokyo for low US$30



Ford says will build small-car factory in Mexico

Backlash grows over N. Carolina LGBT discrimination legislation

WhattsApp extends encryption to photos, videos

Wal-Mart pledges commitments to  cage-free eggs

Pinterest takes its advertisments worldwide

Leading Arab satellite operator drops Hezbollah

Air France-KLM shares nosedive after chief quits for IATA leadership position

Business & Index


Asia stocks up mostly up but off early highs, oil surges

Abe rules out action as yen sits at 17-high

Strong US dollar and mild weather shrink H&M profits

Oil up as revives hope for output freeze

Exchange rate


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Small race directors struggle in detecting doping

International relations in Antarctica run smoothly as scientists put political aside

Spanish port becomes global 'smart city' lab



Price wins debut, Ortiz homers for Red Sox

UConn beat Syracus for fourth straight national title

Last-place Timberwolves shock Warriors with 124-117 win in over

Guangzhou on brink of Asia league exit after a loss to the Urawa Reds

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Ethical couture: Vietnam's design evolution

Nielsen says 14.2 million watched 'Walking Dead' cliffhanger

Checking in with five former 'American  Idol' contestants

Gucci to unify sexes in one catwalk show

Screenwriter and actress Barbara Turner dies

Fine or court for actress in Sedona carving case

Porsche not a fault in crash that killed Paul Walker: judge



Vietnamese PM steps down after 10 years in nation's top office

Bangladesh gov't wells 'not fixing arsenic crisis'

Announcement - International Edition (Notiz: ... ausnahmsweise in chinesischer Schrift ...)

Free as a bird (photo)

Sumatran rhino dead weeks after landmark discovery: mandararin

(Notiz: ... wo sollen denn diese überhaupt noch in freier Wildbahn leben, dort wo der letzte 10% Rest an Urwäldern gerodet und verbrannt wird und Palmölplantagen die Industrieländer vollständig  versorgt + WTF is WWF ? Wahrscheinlich auch so ein internationaler 'Pseudoverein', verkauft an Konzerne und Aktionäre ...)

Cambodia to repopulate forest with foreign tigers: conservation officials

Japan dessert firm 'sorry' for ice cream price hike



Coffeeshops all the rage in the capital of North Korea

Deer brought to Stone Age Scotland by sea: study

Minister debate fate of ancient church unearthed at Gaza site

Guide Post

Hot Comics



Lawmakers allow 'Republic of Taiwan' passportstickers

Police bust black market deal ring: Piles of New Taiwanese dollar notes worth NT$39.93 million are displayed by the police at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Wednesday, 6 April. The authorities busted an underground currency exchange ring on Wednesday  as police officers raided severaI Indonesia good stores used as fronts fortje r and arrested eight persons attempting to transport cash out of Taiwan at the airport ...)

Immunotherapy 'effective' for many types for many types of tumor

Taiwan 'in good position' to become a PLA research hub

Those fingered in Panama Papers not necessarily tax evaders: official

HTC revenues plunge to an eleven-year low

Marlins champ speaks to media

If the shoe fits ... Taiwan seeks world record for high-heel-shoe church


Mercury in capital climbs to 32.9 degrees C Weds

Ex-US diplomat calls on Taiwan's president-elect

Ang Lee to win BAFTA award for direct skilling

Taiwan Lottery

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  • Issue No. 10500083

New accusations dog Wong, OBI Pharma

Search underway for next head if AS, six being considered

Adrift in sea of art

No ROC politicans found in 'Panamas Papers' initial report

Taiwan should tap into growing popularity of its scooters: expert


46 flu cases in one week, 36 of which result in death

Tsai promises to step up exchanges with mainland

Many ally readers to join Tsai Ing-wen inauguration

Ex-Philippine leader visits Taiwam to promote trade

Hope for the future

Weekly weather forecast
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(... die Bezeichnung "The China Post" ist leider irreführend ... entweder ist das ein US-amerikanisches Tagesblatt mit Fokus auf Fernost und Südostasien oder ein Lokalblatt, wo die lokalen Nachrichten erst zum Schluss kommen ...)

Freitag, 1. April 2016

Nicht alle Wassermoleküle fliessen von der Quelle bis zum Meer

Friedrich Nietzsche:


O Mensch! Gib acht!

Was spricht die tiefe Mitternacht? 

"Ich schlief, ich schlief -, 

Aus tiefem Traum bin ich erwacht: - 

Die Welt ist tief, 

Und tiefer als der Tag gedacht. 

Tief ist ihr Weh -, 

Lust - tiefer noch als Herzeleid: 

Weh spricht: Vergeh! 

Doch alle Lust will Ewigkeit -, 

- will tiefe, tiefe Ewigkeit!"


(... in den Träumen erscheinen mir, die gegangen sind, und sie werden endgültig vergangen sein, wenn ich selber nicht mehr bin ... also sage ich zu jedem "Tschüss bis zum nächsten mal" immer mit der täglichen Hoffnung, dass es einen nächsten Morgen gibt ...)

• • •